Wills & Estates

Civil litigation?


Legal Documents


Do you need a Will? Or, how about a Deed? What about the formation of a business? We can even review your legal documents. Whether simple documents or complex documents, we can advise you on what a document means and how it applies to you.

There are many state statutes or local ordinances that influence how your document is drafted. If you need a document drafted, we will ensure that it captures applicable rules. If you need room to add negotiated terms, then we can research the law and guide you on leveraging your negotiations.

Family Law


Family cases can be contested or resolved amicably. We handle all aspects of family law cases, including divorces, child support claims, name changes, custody issues, modifications, enforcement, appeals, and much more. We ensure your pleadings are filed according to state statutes and local rules. Most family cases require mediation for temporary and final orders. So, we provide prep sessions to ensure you understand the process.

The discovery process can be intense. This is how much of the information is exchanged between the parties. Most familiar are depositions and requests for documents. Whatever the discovery tool used, our team works with you to locate and organize your information in a way that is consistent with the direction of your case.

We endeavor to finalize cases as diligently as possible. After finalizing a case, we do not leave you to figure out the next stage by yourself. We can offer post-maintenance advice should it be needed.

Criminal Defense


When being investigated or prosecuted, it is best to be accompanied by an Attorney. We can advise you on your constitutional rights, which will allow you to preserve a strong legal defense.

If a bond is required, then we can work with local bail bond companies. We conduct routine jail visits also.

In preparing for a legal defense, we provide consultations to gather as much information as possible. We conduct thorough investigations of crime scenes. We interview witnesses to understand what they believe the facts to be and require corroboration.

We make sure to collect all evidence that supports the prosecution’s case. We do not want surprises. We prepare clients to take the stand at trial. And, we do not encourage rushing into uninformed plea bargain agreements.

If an appeal or post-conviction relief is needed, then we will collect all information from the lower court and file your appeal or post-conviction matter.

Breach Of Contract


A material breach of contract can happen when one party refuses to fulfill the terms of a contract. Establishing the elements of a contract is key to commencing a breach of contract case. We first look for a written contract. In the presence of no written contract, we determine under case law and statutes whether a viable unwritten contract exists.

Pursuing a breach of contract claim requires sending a demand letter. Providing such notice could resolve a legal dispute without litigation. If a quick resolution does not result, then we will inform you of the next steps for litigation.

Along with a breach of contract claim, we can determine if there are additional remedies available such as deceptive trade practices claims or violations to residential contract laws. Monetary damages are maximized when additional legal theories are filed alongside a breach of contract claim.

Civil Case


There may be times when you are not sure if you have a viable case. We can navigate your facts to determine if there are legal causes of action. It is best to consult with us as there are statutes of limitation that set time limits on when to file certain lawsuits after becoming knowledgeable of a potential claim.

Civil cases can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Construction
  • Business
  • Estate Planning & Probate
  • Guardianship
  • Oil & Gas
  • Product Liability
  • Consumers
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Real Estate
  • and more

No matter the civil claim we will endeavor to lead you in the right direction. So, if you have a problem with a neighbor or you are sold a product that becomes defective shortly after purchase, then give us a call.

Specialty Cases

additional CASES

We categorize additional cases as follows:

  • Personal Injury
  • Tickets
  • Administrative Hearings (Example: DPS hearings)
  • Arbitration
  • Federal Civil Cases
  • Federal Criminal Cases
  • Bankruptcy
  • Discrimination
  • Entertainment
  • Immigration
  • Out-of-State issue

Our law firm can assist you with how best to handle any additional cases. Contact us even if a case is not listed above, but you believe it is a potential claim.



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