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Your PleadWrite Attorneys

PleadWrite Attorneys boasts a formidable team of legal experts, each bringing a wealth of experience and a track record of success to the table.

At the helm is a seasoned attorney with 30 years of legal practice in Texas, whose deep understanding of the law and strategic prowess has been honed across three decades of courtroom and trial experience. This veteran attorney's leadership sets the tone for the firm's commitment to excellence and justice.

Complementing this experience are attorneys who have served on both sides of the courtroom: as former prosecutors and defense lawyers. Their unique perspectives provide PleadWrite with an inside track on how the opposition thinks, allowing for the anticipation of prosecutorial tactics and the crafting of counterstrategies that protect clients' rights.

The attorneys of record at PleadWrite are not just defined by their past roles but also by their ongoing dedication to legal defense. They are known for their relentless advocacy, meticulous case preparation, and compassionate understanding of the stress and strain that legal challenges bring to individuals and families.

Together, the PleadWrite team embodies a blend of hard-earned wisdom, dynamic courtroom strategy, and a personalized approach to client relationships. This synthesis of experience ensures that when you choose PleadWrite Attorneys, you are not just getting a lawyer; you are getting a dedicated ally in your fight for justice.

Their commitment is to not only navigate the legal system alongside you but to educate and empower you throughout the process, ensuring that no matter the case's complexity, you have a champion in your corner.


The PleadWrite Value Proposition

Navigating Beyond the Limits of a Court-Appointed Attorney

While court-appointed attorneys play a vital role in our justice system, they often face overwhelming caseloads and limited resources.

This reality can inadvertently affect the quality of representation. At PleadWrite, our dedicated team works tirelessly, ensuring each case receives the attention and resources it deserves.

We go beyond the bare minimum, exploring every legal avenue and defense strategy to advocate for your rights.


Tauleece Thomas, Esq.

Managing Attorney


Tauleece brings over 24 years of legal experience, with a proven track record of success in both courtroom advocacy and ediscovery leadership. 

A Champion for Our Clients in Harris County 

Tauleece's career began as a determined prosecutor, honing her legal skills and understanding of the justice system. This experience is invaluable to PleadWrite Attorneys' mission of providing a qualified defense for defendants in Harris County, Texas. Tauleece's deep knowledge of legal procedure, coupled with her unwavering commitment to achieving justice, makes her a perfect client advocate. 

Leveraging leadership expertise

Tauleece is a leader in the field of e-discovery and guiding litigation teams. This expertise will directly lead our Attorneys in building strong defenses for our clients.